Quick connectors for house and hydraulic connections od Siroflex

Quick connectors for house

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Quick connectors for house taps

They guarantee the most functional way to alternatively connect the kitchen/bathroom tap to the dishwasher or washing machine inlet hose, the hand shower hose, preserving the tap sprayer use.

Made in Italy

Design, production and packaging are 100% "Made in Italy" and each of our articles displays the Siroflex brand.


They offer all the manufacture and performance guarantees by those who have successfully designed the first plastic quick connector for the house.

Easy installation

Anyone can connect the bathroom or kitchen tap to a quick connector, solving the various installation problems in a simple way.
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Quick connectors

They allow the quick connection of kitchen or bathroom mixer tap to:

  •   a dishwasher or washing machine inlet hose
    •   a hand shower or hair-wash shower hose
      •   a tap sprayer
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Sirius tap sprayer diverter

A diverter for fixed installation is available as an alternative to the quick connector.

  •  It allows with a little expense, an easy use of the Sirius aerator-shower or the hand shower (you only need to turn the knob).
    •   it solves any fixed connection problem to sink/basin mixer taps ;

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