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Underground watering system

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Underground irrigation

The Siroflex underground watering system is suitable for installers in the garden sector, but can also be used for the construction of small-sized systems, even by the “do it yourself" user without problems, except for excavation.

The ease of assembly is due to the use of a very limited number of 25mm diameter fittings, operating according to the principle using the ring nut, brass ring, acetalic colpolymer ring and rubber conical washer.

Fittings made in Italy

Design, production and packaging are 100% "Made in Italy" and each of our articles displays the Siroflex brand.


Its simplicity distinguishes Siroflex underground watering system from other products on the market


Because pop up sprinklers rise from the ground whenever the system is activated and retract back down at the end of irrigation.
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The fixed system for green spaces is created with the use of 25mm diameter polypropylene fittings:

  •   female fitting
    •   “T” junction
      •   elbow
        •   pipe mender
          •   adaptor
          •     And with rigid pipe 25 mms.

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Pop up sprinklers

Pop up sprinklers are in two versions:

  •   fixed sprinklers (90° - 180° - 360°)
    •   pulsating sprinklers, retractable inside a plastic shell

    • They are connected to the system through T-junctions and adapters (as an alternative to the rigid pipe, it is also possible to use the semi-rigid polyethylene one, provided it has a diameter of 25mm). They rise from the ground whenever the system is activated, irrigating for the programmed time, and they retract back down when the system is turned off.

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Electronic timer 5500 model

Applied to the underground watering system, it completes the installation, automating the irrigation of the lawn and garden.

  •   Extremely easy programming: just choose the day, time and          duration of watering using the 3 proper knobs
    •   High technological content: absolute automation, maximum         accuracy and long life of the device
      •   Perfect functioning both at low and high pressures


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