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Our history

Founded in Genoa in 1963 by Giancarlo Simoni, today Siroflex is led by the second generation with his sons Alessandro, who directs the Administrative Sector and Domestic Sales and Marco, who manages the Export Department.

A Seniority that is identified with the development of highly qualified technical skills, born in the field of installation of the first washing machines and dishwashers, and with the international affirmation of the brand.

Siroflex products are “homemade": 95% of their components are made in the various departments. Taking advantage of its own ideas and patents, the Company has generated an increasingly wide range of items that combines quality and convenience.

Siroflex Mission

Siroflex: the “MADE IN ITALY” at the service of your house and garden since 1963

Manufacturer in Campomorone – Genoa – Italy: a small Italian manufacturing industry open to the world. The rootedness in the territory is historical and testifies to the authenticity of our Made in Italy.

We take advantage of our technical skills in the design and construction of the moulds, as well as in the automation solutions of the assemblies.

Particularly focused on market needs, we offer:

for the House, Blue Line, a wide range of items, a new concept of tap sprayer spreaded all over the world.

for the Gardening Hobby, Green Line, developed from the first plastic quick connector in the world, helping those who take care of plants, flowers and vegetables, in support of a healthy lifestyle.

The approach to markets and customers is focused on utility and effectiveness: providing practical solutions to real problems. Innovating items, but with a design always based on the best user experience, without following temporary trends or useless sophistication.


Statistics and numbers

The countries we work with
The countries we work with
The year of foundation
The year of foundation
Retailers in Italy
Retailers in Italy
The square meters of the factory
The square meters of the factory


The 100% Italian craftsmanship, combined with technological updating, has shaped our raison d’ệtre: “to design, create and sell simplicity".

That’s why our Made in Italy is authentic and the Siroflex brand is the equivalent of attention to the end user and their daily needs.

We put at their disposal all the value of our experience in honest products, because they keep what they promise with a good price.

All of this all over the world: today we register our presence in 42 countries.

But that’s not enough: despite the fact that Siroflex’s internationalization goes back to its origins, the will to assert our “Made in Italy" remains strong even where we have not yet arrived.



Through consolidated relationships with suppliers and customers, the awareness from which our principles derive has matured over time.

We have always worked side by side, with a particular awareness towards the environment, quality of life, market satisfaction. Our policy complements all of this.

They are index of that:

    •  production processes that cancel or minimize negative externalities
      • products serving activities that bring nature closer and promote respect for it
        • the healthiness of the workplace
          •   the permanent employment contract, always and for the entire staff
            • occupational turn-over and very low accident frequency
              • attention to the global consumer, guaranteed by our Made in Italy

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