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Capillary watering system


Drip irrigation

With the Siroflex capillary watering system it is possible to obtain a water distribution from a “drop by drop" to 3 litres per minute. A simple solution that satisfies the needs of each plant, from the newly transplanted seedlings in the vegetable garden or garden, to fruit or ornamental trees.

    •  Irrigating each plant according to its needs: at the base to immediately reach the root system, or on the surface to refresh the leaves;
      •  using only the quantity of water necessary for the needs of the plants, without waste;
        •  saving time and effort dedicated to the irrigation;
          •  responding to these needs quickly and easily, without being specialized technicians.

Irrigating at the base of the plant means reaching the root system directly, with a significant water savings. Furthermore, it allows you to reduce the inconveniences caused by excessive and extensive irrigation, such as the proliferation of weeds and insects and also limit the evaporation phenomenon. All this with important and positive repercussions on the environment (water saving, reduction of the use of herbicides and pesticides) and a significant money saving. Last but not least, a remarkable saving of time; in fact you can water many plants at the same time just by turning on the water tap.
Here are the characteristics of our capillary watering system with module distribution for terraces, gardens, vegetable gardens and greenhouses.

Made in Italy

Design, production and packaging are 100% "Made in Italy" and each of our articles displays the Siroflex brand.

Original concept

The only system which is designed according to the modularity concept. Modules, fittings and rigid pipes allow a versatile and effective implementation.

Reduce the consumption

“Capillary” just like the minute blood vessels that form networks throughout the bodily tissues It covers the needs of each single plant, allowing a setting from “drop by drop” to continuous water flow.
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Capillary watering system

Economical and efficient system, easy to assemble. Designed and realised to solve any DIY installation problem. It is composed of a limited number of elements that make it particularly simple and essential.
It is possible to obtain a water distribution from “drop by drop” to 3 litres per minute, according to the needs of each plant.

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  •   A full range of polypropylene fittings and relevant rigid pipe, 20 mm diameter, to assemble the watering system. This system, starting from the water tap, will go through the most convenient route for the irrigation. It is very versatile and allows the most varied applications with a little number of components. It is possible to use the fittings on semi-rigid polyethylene pipe, provided they have a 20 mm. diameter.
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  •   Two-way distributor modules (for a proper water distribution and provided with taps to close the unused irrigation points).
    The modules (by using male adaptors, “T” junctions and female caps) will be inserted along the path, in the most useful points: they can be screwed together with each other to have the necessary outlets.
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  •   Capillary hose black mm.4x6 diam. to connect the distributor modules outlets to the different irrigation points
    •   Water flow regulator for the regulation from drop by drop to the 3 litres of water per minute.
      •   “T” junction for capillary hose.
        •   Mini sprinkler on spike for the plant base irrigation.
          •   Adjustable micro-sprayers (90°-180°-360°) to wet the foliage gently.
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Electronic timer 5500

A further optimization of time and resources is obtained by the installation of the Electronic Timer.

  •   Extremely easy programming: just choose the day, time and duration of watering using the 3 proper knobs.
    •   High technological content: absolute automation, maximum accuracy and long life of the device
      •   Perfect functioning both at low and high pressures.

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