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Our bathroom products provide a valid solution even in case of particular installation and personal hygiene problems thanks to our hair-wash showers with double function aerator/shower, effective and inexpensive shower heads, and a bidet shower – toilet hydro jet, extremely appreciated for its concrete utility.

Made in Italy

Design, production and packaging are 100% "Made in Italy" and each of our articles displays the Siroflex brand.


A valid alternative to expensive products that often prefer the uselessness at the expense of efficacy and practicality.

Result of an ancient experience

The skills gained since the 1960s are at the service of the user with simple and functional products.
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Nuova Micronette

By pulling the outer collar upward or downward, it offers two different flows:

  •   efficient and light shower for the traditional use
    •   smooth and soft flow, for a delicate rinsing

    • Hair wash shower with support for hanging the shower hose and anti hose kink device, available in white and black colours.

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Micronette Regal

While retaining the characteristics of the Nuova Micronette, it is equipped with a shut-off valve for the maintenance of the right water temperature between soaping and rinsing. Even when the valve is closed, a little water outflow avoids having a hot water infiltration in the cold one. However, when the trigger is pulled, it is advisable to check the water temperature with the hand.

Hair wash shower with support for hanging the shower hose and anti hose kink device, available in white and black colours.

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Tap diverter for a fixed installation to the washbasin

With this tap diverter,Nuova Micronette and Micronette Regal are usable not only with the bath mixer tap but also with the washbasin one.

In this way, the hand shower is alternatively used with the Sirius aerator-shower tap sprayer.

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Kit micronette for house

  •   hair-wash shower with total closure shut-off trigger
    •   flexible hose 1,5 m length

    • The Kit includes a quick connector, a Sirius tap sprayer with swivel, an extra 3/4” M male coupling for an easy connection. The quick connector screwed to the tap provides a simple interchangeability of the tap sprayer, with the hand shower or a dishwasher/washing machine inlet hose.

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Shower heads in polypropylene

Very functional and economical, they are equipped with a swivel and stainless steel screen washer. Also available in a version with a “built-in water saver”.
Respect the environment: “Save the blue gold”!

Polypropylene models (black and white colours) are suitable for installation at sports facilities, swimming pools, beach resorts, because very economical and long-lasting.

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Shower heads in chromed ABS with brass swivel

New models in chrome-plated ABS and acetalic copolymer (POM) refractory to the limestone, with 1/2 "female brass swivel. Valid and economical alternative to the expensive chromed brass shower heads. Equipped with a “built-in water-saver” (to be placed under the screen washer) which saves up to 40% of water, depending on the flow and pressure conditions.

  •   Available in black or white chromed versions.

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Hair-wash shower + Shower head Kit

It allows you to take advantage of the alternative shower head / hair-wash shower (Nuova Micronette or Micronette Regal) if only a shower arm is available.


  •   hair-wash shower
    •   flexible hose 1,5 m length
      •   shower head
        •   hair-wash shower /shower head diverter



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Bidet shower & toilet hydro jet

In a single article a versatile alternative between the intimate hygiene aerator and the hydro toilet jet. It guarantees better performances than other mono-function toilet hydro jet or bidet shower on the market. In addition to this, the "Siroflex" aerator offers a soft and gentle jet, a missing feature in all other “bidet shower” on market.

  •   flexible hose 2 m. length
    •   total closure shut-off trigger
      •   easy connection with our quick connector
        •   equipped with a Sirius with swivel to be applied when not using Micronette
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Travel Kit

It replaces the bidet in bathrooms with insufficient equipment (e.g. toilets abroad, on board cabins, camping). The universal rubber tap adaptor is suitable to various diameters and it is indispensable in the case of taps without thread.

  •   rubber tap adaptor for the tap connection
    •   flexible hose 2 m. length
      •   shut-off trigger
          •   double function: bidet shower/toilet hydro jet


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