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Our irrigation systems have been designed, produced and packaged at our plant in Genoa since 1963. Here below, you can discover some of our versatile, practical and effective products for above-ground garden irrigation:

Made in Italy

Design, production and packaging are 100% “Made in Italy” and each of our articles bears the Siroflex brand.

High-quality product

The accuracy of the production process and the choice of raw materials and components guarantee a consistent quality and a high wear resistance of the products.

Compatibility with other brands

Siroflex follows the worldwide standard: our fittings are compatible with all other above-ground irrigation systems.
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Quick connectors

In the 1960s Siroflex produced and patented the first plastic quick connector in the world. Our experience in the plumbing field is reflected into the production of fittings that guarantee a perfect watertight seal even in very high pressure conditions. Compatible with all quick connectors from other brands.

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Tap connectors and Niplex

Pressure-resistant: thanks to the O-ring seal and the quality of construction, they fit perfectly with our quick connector and those of all other brands.
Niplex: necessary for joining 2 hoses with quick connectors, even of different diameters. Siroflex connectors are compatible with all other systems.

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Hose mender

Hose Mender: the only one with separate hose grips: it consists of a polypropylene central body and separate acetal resin (POM) hose grips that allow the hose to be gripped more firmly.
Assembly is much easier and more effective.

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They allow the irrigation line to be split and adjusted independently. Widely used in irrigation of vegetable gardens and gardens.

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