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Mobile arm sprinklers

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The rotating arm is a simple but effective irrigation method suitable for lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.
Our 2-arm rotating sprinklers are available in different versions:

    • With quick connector
        • With ¾” Female thread
            • On spike (connection with male coupling, hose connector, hose grip)
                • On inline spike (connection with male coupling, hose connector, hose grip)
                    • On tripod
                        • On a "Gemini" base

The “Gemini" support is a base that gives the sprinklers greater stability.  Mobile arm sprinklers, fixed sprinklers and pulsating sprinklers can be fitted to the “Gemini” base.The Gemini base (in the model with the pulsating sprinkler and in the one with only the male coupling and flow regulator) is ballasted and equipped with a spike for the ground fixing.

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Mobile arm sprinklers

Mobile arm sprinklers, on spike, “Gemini” support or tripod.


Performance varies on the water pressure.

  • Atm. 1,5 Ø mt 7,0 l/min 8,0
  • Atm. 2 Ø mt 9,0 l/min 9,0
  • Atm. 2,5 Ø mt 10,5 l/min 10,0
  • Atm. 3 Ø mt 12,0 l/min 11,5

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