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Shower House & Garden Kit

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Our irrigation systems have been designed, produced and packaged at our plant in Genoa since 1963.

Made in Italy

Design, production and packaging are 100% “Made in Italy” and each of our articles bears the Siroflex brand.

High-quality product

The accuracy of the production process and the choice of raw materials and components guarantee a consistent quality and a high wear resistance of the products.

Compatibility with other brands

Siroflex follows the worldwide standard: our fittings are compatible with all other above-ground irrigation systems.
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Garden Shower

Perfect for cooling off in the summer even on the terrace or by the pool. Made of aluminium and polypropylene, solid and easy to handle, it is very stable as it is on tripods. Equipped with on/off flow control lever and shower head with swivel. Once dismantled and closed, it takes up little space when not in use. For a hot shower in the garden it is possible a connection to the house tap by using the connection system offered by the House & Garden Kit.

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House & Garden Kit

With this kit it is possible to connect the garden hose to the house tap and use the nozzle outside (for example, to wash the car or water the garden plants or terrace). For the dog washing it is possible to connect the hand shower to the garden hose end, using also the hot water of the house, if needed.

The hose can be connected to the Garden Shower to use it with hot water.

  •   Quick connector for the house tap provided with tap sprayer
    •   Male coupling for the garden hose
      •   Quick connector with valve for the garden hose
        •   Nozzle
          •   Hand shower with total closure provided with flexible hose

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