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Water filter UNI3 Classic

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You have many good reasons to fit a UNI 3 CLASSIC activated carbon filter for drinking water to your tap

  • Italian water companies supply good quality water, which is disinfected through the use of chlorine to make it hygienically suitable for human use: this, unfortunately, gives the water a bad taste. The UNI 3 water filter eliminates the bad taste of chlorine and makes tap water excellent with a considerable economic saving compared to bottled water and a more functional use of domestic spaces.
  • No expensive or unbulky installations are necessary, in fact the water filters are fitted directly to the tap.
  • Siroflex water filters are the result of our experience in the production of tap sprayers and many other items connected to the tap: for this reason they clearly distinguish themselves from competing products, much more static and less practical in daily use of the kitchen sink.
  • A tap diverter allows you to use the filtering function only when needed, so you will always have filtered water, pleasant to drink and suitable to prepare food and beverages.
  • The use of UNI3 domestic drinking water filters contributes to the reduction of plastic waste and saves you the trouble of carrying heavy bottles.

The only water filter with 3 functions

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Water filter function

  • By turning the knob of the tap diverter, you will have filtered water directly from the cartridge. The UNI3 water filter is adjustable and rotates on itself in 2 directions, allowing the use of both the sprayer and the filter cartridge in the most comfortable way.
  • With UNI3 domestic water filter you will have filtered water at will. Unlike filter jugs, waiting times to get filter water are very short.
  • The duration of the water filter cartridges depends on the characteristics and quantity of water you want to filter, but it must not exceed 3 months
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Aerator function

The UNI3 Classic water filter is provided with the Sirius “aerator-shower” tap sprayer, which gives a wide range of action to the water jet..

Like all of our tap sprayers, Sirius mixes water and air, generating a soft and velvety flow that eliminates splashes, which are particularly annoying when the pressure is high. This mixing results in a minor water consume too. Provided with the water saver, it allows a water saving up to 40%.
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Shower function

More than 40 years ago, Siroflex was the first company to patent the tap sprayer with a double action, adding the shower function to the aerator.

By pulling down the outer collar of the tap sprayer, you will get a shower with a strong jet, useful for washing fruit and vegetables effectively and for a quick rinsing.

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