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Chemical-physical laboratory analyses

Let's be very clear!

The UNI 3 water filters (generically referred to as purifiers) have always been defined by Siroflex as equipment for domestic use for the treatment of drinking water in compliance with the provisions of the relevant legislation.

The aforementioned appliances are obviously not water purifiers or refiners (a term that properly defines plants for wastewater treatment), but water filters capable of improving the organoleptic characteristics (odors, flavors, etc.) of water supplied by water companies, as it already meets the chemical – physical and microbiological requirements of the law.

For this kind of products we must not use generic expressions or, worse still, improper expressions, capable of inducing misunderstandings.
On the market it is very common the word “purifier" and the use of filtering properties which, obviously, are not attributable to drinking water.

Siroflex has always avoided such inaccuracies, limiting the description of the UNI 3 water filters to their correct use and effectiveness: they are water filters which, in addition to eliminating any solid impurities contained in drinking water with a mechanical filter, absorb and eliminate unpleasant odors and tastes using activated carbon (about 50 gr.). With the B version (mixture of carbon and resin), they also reduce the hardness of the water.
With a low cost you get water to drink and use in the kitchen, much better than the one that comes out of the house tap.

This is attested by the chemical – physical laboratory analyzes. In fact:

The migration testing complies with the limits set out in DM. 06/04/2004 n. 174

The filtration tests show a good abatement of chlorides and water hardness. Even under stressful conditions, the filters managed to reduce more than 95% of the chlorine content and its derivatives and more than 50% of the calcium carbonate content (limestone).

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